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Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm a little bummed that we didn't get any snowfall from that major nor'easter, just lots of wind and so much rain, followed by a big temperature dip. At least by Saturday the sun was shining and though it was much too cold for riding, or biking, or anything else outdoors, we decided to drive down to Elliott Island with the cameras, continuing our exploration of the nether regions of Dorchester County.
We thought Hooper's Island was the end of the earth. We were wrong. Elliott Island on Fishing Bay now holds that title. Beautiful part of the shore, but something a little creepy there, with the number of abandoned houses, no trespassing signs, and dilapidated hunting camps. 
Take a look.
Still some storm damage from Hurricane Sandy.
All haunted houses have a buzzard on top.
Were these bars meant to keep things out or in?

On the upside, there was this brilliant re-do. I am filing this away in case we ever own another older home.
I'm thinking I'd want the ability to make a quick getaway if I lived down there too.
The wind had died down by this morning and the temperature was expected to climb into the low 30's, so we drove over to Cape Henlopen in Delaware for a chilly beach walk.

On the back side of the dunes.
Brrrr. Seemed way too cold to be worth it. There was very little surf.
Left the beach for a late lunch at Dogfish Head in Rehobeth. We're mostly red wine drinkers here, but  after tasting Bitches' Brew I could convert. Want to go back and tour the brewery some day soon. The food was excellent!
Wood grilled salmon with caramelized onions, blue cheese, and garlic aoli. 
Brownie sundae with Raison d'Etre ice cream. Who knew beer ice cream would taste so good?
Hope you had some good food and fresh air in your weekend. Still hoping we'll have a measurable snowfall before winter ends. XO.

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