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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Note to Old Man Winter: Give us some real snow, or pack up your bitter winds, your wintry mixes, your bone chilling damp and get out of town. My poor old sinuses can't take much more.

There was an estate auction in town on Monday. I went to the preview on Saturday, and again on Monday. I took pictures and made a wish list. I intended to dazzle you with my brilliant finds...
Trays of vintage costume jewelry...
Even a garden temple swing, sort of thing, which was in many pieces and very dry rotted, but I loved it so...
After 3 hours I was thoroughly chilled and had lost my will to bid. Faced with waiting while the auctioneer worked his way through an extensive gun collection, I gave up and came home, with only this to show for my efforts. All those lovely things, and I came home with a lousy garden spreader!  I had spent most of the morning doing barn chores, and holding the horses for the farrier, and needed hot tea and my dinner. I'm a wimp! 

It was very cold again today, but the vet is coming to give spring shots tomorrow, so with that in mind I took a walk and searched for signs of spring.  This proved more successful than the auction.
Brave little dandelion in the manure.
Honeysuckle vine.
Brier patch.

Knockout roses.
Red maple.
Dunno, but I like the shot.
Hope you're seeing signs of spring at your house.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my husband. You are the best. Period. XO.

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