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Friday, February 22, 2013


Can you believe our little Scout will be a year old next month? I'd been thinking it was time for a pupdate. Then a little "trouble" occurred and I thought why not make it a Dog-Shaming. I'm sure you've seen the postings on FB and elsewhere with dogs wearing signs proclaiming their indiscretions.
It's actually not as easy as it looks. Nigel wanted in on the act and I wanted them to actually wear the signs. It took a few shots, but we got there in the end.
The bit of trouble?
Our girl's sweater.

So apart from a little knitwear nibbling, and bunny catching, and ink pen chewing, she is perfect and we adore her! She is the ideal pesky baby sister for noble Nigel. I'd like these pics to be a little sharper, but it really is the grimmest, greyest day. Sleet and freezing rain are expected to start any minute. Can't complain about that too much, as I saw FOUR bluebirds of happiness when I stepped outside this afternoon. I managed to catch three...

and then another.
Not cooperative subjects, bluebirds.
Have a great weekend, and if you are lucky enough to have a puppy in your house, guard your knitwear. XO

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