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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Winter waved good-bye yesterday, with a morning dusting of snow. Just enough to be pretty and excite the dogs, who are rather easily amused, especially little Scout, who greets each new day with an absolute certainty it will be her best ever.
As this was most likely our last chance for snow, I thought it best to get out with the camera. Incredible how even the lightest snowfall transforms the landscape.
Then the rain came back...a chill and drizzly day, made for nesting, so I tried these oven zucchini fries. Super simple. Dipped zucchini slices in egg substitute, dredged them in gluten-free bread crumbs with a little garlic salt, pepper, and oregano and baked at 425 degrees for appr. 25 minutes. Turn them once, after 10 or 15 minutes. Delish! We ate them with an organic marinara sauce.

Today the sunshine and mid-fifty temps returned, so I've set my sights on spring cleaning. First up? New pillows for the family room sofas. 
I love this bright summery floral.
But what does my quality control guy think?

He thinks these will do nicely. Removable and made with French seams for easy laundering. A little sewing tip for you...when you are cutting open buttonholes, be sure to place a straight pin at the top. This will keep you from accidentally cutting too far.  My quality control guy doesn't always wipe his paws before he hops up on the sofa. He's only human, after all, so these three-button pillows are just the thing.

Tomorrow, the "cleaning" part of spring cleaning starts. Ask me if I'm thrilled.
Soon enough the snowy daffodils will be just a dim memory, and I'll be adding mowing to the weekly list. And complaining about the heat.

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