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Friday, March 22, 2013


This morning I went out to the barn in full winter gear. The wind is howling. It's 29 degrees. If you've followed my blog for more than 5 minutes, you know how much I love and respect animals, so it pains me to say that Punxsutawney Phil is a lyin' liar!! Ditto to that little snake I saw on Groundhog Day.
I am making my own spring. Inside. With fringy tulips...

And forced buds. Yes, I can be quite forceful when necessary. I cut these hydrangea branches and pounded the cut ends with my rolling pen just a few days ago.
I've been spring cleaning and making ready for two happy things this weekend. Our niece whom we haven't seen in nearly two years is coming for a visit, and this little squirrel is having his 87th birthday and coming for lunch tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love this pic. The shadow at the bottom is my grandfather who took the photo.
Now I'm off to the grocery store. What's on the birthday menu? Vegetarian lasagna, a simple salad with mixed greens, blueberries, blue cheese, and toasted walnuts. Crusty Italian bread, toasted with olive oil, a smidge of parmesan, and fresh basil. The birthday cake is a secret, but I'll take a pic and show you later. 
Hope you have at least two happy things in your weekend! XO.

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