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Thursday, March 7, 2013


The so-called monster snowstorm, "Snowquester" was a big bust here on the shore. Lots of wind. Lots and lots of rain that we didn't really need. No snow. That was most probably the last chance this year to use my new camera in the snow. Bah!!! No hot chocolate was drunk. No dogs and horses frolicked. No one had a snow day. Just as soon as I find her email address, Mother Nature will be getting a pretty sternly worded letter from me. If anyone needs mud, let me know. We have extra.
I have been painting and stitching like a fiend. Got to thinking about my Flora Bowley paintings from last winter's class. I enjoyed it very much, but never actually finished any of the canvasses. Wondered if I might be intimidated by the size of them, so thought I'd have a go at applying similar techniques on a much smaller surface. Painted this, last weekend. 

That was so much fun, I bought a few more canvasses. I've had a wonderful time splashing paint around and now have 5 more backgrounds without a single good idea for a subject. Ah well, when this happens, I switch to fabric. Painted all morning and made this in the afternoon. Had something I needed to get off my chest. Won't bore you with the details. It's a "show" without the "tell" sort of thing.

They say this weekend will be lovely. Not that I have a lot of faith in what "they" say, after yesterday. I suppose I've no choice but to set my sights on spring. So spring it is, prepare to be bored silly with shoots and buds and bunnies, etc...XO.

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