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Monday, March 4, 2013


This looks to be our last chance for a measurable snowfall this year. They are calling it the "Snowquester." If we don't get it this time, I fear all hope is lost. Winter has less than three weeks to go, and spring comes quickly on the Eastern Shore. As is often the case, it looks as though we will be right on the line. Could be snow, might be rain, definitely will be windy.
Here we are in the first week of March, and I haven't had a single mug of hot chocolate. I've been waiting for a decent snowfall. You know, I wanted my first time to be special. I am ready. Cocoa mix, butterscotch schnapps, marshmallows.

I rescued these droopy little daffodils today. Figured they wouldn't survive the storm and brought them in to cheer up my tiny iron toothpick holders.

Fortunately, when the farrier came last week, I had him put Abby's snow pads on one last time. Her shoes cause the snow and slush to build up to alarmingly stiletto proportions, which means she would have to stay in, or risk serious injury in the snow. These little pads with the half-spheres work like magic to prevent the ice build-up.
Fitz and I took a little stroll through the woods, after barn chores, with the idea that it would be nice to have some before and after pics, should we actually get the snow.
He is my constant companion when I am outdoors. He helps with all the chores, but his favorite task is head-butting me as I'm about to take a picture. It's not that easy to get pics of him because he stays so close.
Hoping to show you snow-covered pine cones, next post.
So, I am ready for whatever this "Snowquester" has to bring. I have both crockpots bubbling with soup. Split pea and veg. for us. Chicken noodle to deliver to my folks tomorrow. Stay warm, mid-Atlantic friends. Hope you have stocked up on toilet paper and butterscotch schnapps. XO.

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