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Thursday, March 28, 2013


I know. You haven't heard a Peep from me since last Friday. After a great weekend with our visiting niece and celebrating my Dad's birthday, we were laid low with a really awful cold. First Mr. C., who brought the dreadful thing home in the first place, then me, and now our girl. We were congratulating ourselves for making it all the way to spring with no colds or flu. Bahhhh!!!
"I should do a blog post," I croaked through chapped lips yesterday, but I never even opened my laptop.
It's been a funny old first week of spring, as we finally got a snow day. It snowed all day on Monday without much accumulation. It was lovely though, and our girl got a day off.

I promised last week to show you a Smith Island Cake. It is Maryland's state desert and is traditionally 8 to 10 pencil thin layers of yellow cake with frosting. I get mine from Classic Cakes in Salisbury. Visit them here. The owner is a native Smith Islander. There are lots of flavors to choose from but we usually go with chocolate or chocolate/peanut butter. If you're tempted and don't live in the area, I know from experience that they do an excellent job of packing/shipping.
Now it's time to shake off this bug and get ready for Easter. Fortunately, I've had my peeps around to take care of me.
Better days ahead. Hope you're busy with Easter preparations and not tending spring colds. XO.

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