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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last post, I showed you a few of the things I didn't buy at the flea market on Sunday. Let's have a look some of the treasures that did come home with us.
Lots of doggie treasure for my little library/dog room.

Bought a stack of these cocktail napkins. Love!
Dickens, another love. How cute is this little trinket/cigarette box? It's like the vendors knew I was coming.
This 1889 ledger has lots of pages filled in with beautiful script. It's the kind of thing that makes a mixed-media, collage artist's heart flutter.
Watch faces. What can I say? I was feeling a bit "steampunk-ish."

Curtain tie-back pins. Now I'm sad that I didn't buy the whole box. What was I thinking?
Check out this stack of quilt blocks. The vintage pin cushion came with all those lovely old stick pins. 
You know that I also have a thing for white pottery, particularly animals. Love this sweet pair of nicely crazed roosters.

Oh there's more, but my very favorite find has to be the little scotty...
Is it just me, or is he seriously adorable?
That's a part of what came home with us from Renningers Flea Market in Adamstown, PA. Spent the weekend in Lancaster.  It's been a long time since we visited Amish country. I think we stopped in when we were doing the college tour with our son.That was several years ago. I had a hankering to see some big barns and do a bit of flea marketing. Little getaways are a good thing. Right now, for this short while that our girl is home, it is possible to leave our menagerie without hiring a house-sitter. We're already planning our next trip.
Next post, I'll link you to some great food, in case you're planning a trip up that way, and I'll tell you about the hidden treasure of a town that we found on the way home. Now, go outside, cause it's SPRINGTIME, baby!! XO.

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