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Sunday, April 7, 2013


We were up and at 'em bright and early today for flea marketing. It was really cold, but so much fun. Here are a few pics of the ones that got away.
I fell in love with this little guy but sadly, he was way too spendy. I held him for a little while, took his picture, and waved good-bye.  Note to anyone who happens to be married to me: I would probably get over it a lot quicker if  I had one of those lambs that we saw yesterday. Just saying...
You know I love a polka dot. I could just picture these with my red Fiesta ware at Christmas.
Some of the vendors could have easily made the short list for "Hoarders." One lady had tables piled 3 feet high with overflowing trays of costume jewelry. Some of my Fly Tribe friends would have lost their minds! Wish they could have been with me.
When I get home and unpack, I'll show you the ones that didn't get away. I unearthed some treasures.
I still haven't told you where we went on this little road trip getaway so here's another hint.
Gotta run. We'll talk later. XO.

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