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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


While I frequently talk about horse and dog antics here, I don't believe I've told you much about the cats. A cat is an important player on any property with a barn. We brought our Mathilda (aka Kitty) home as a teeny kitten as soon as we broke ground on the barn. Six and one half years later she is a feline force. Her skills extend far beyond keeping the rodents and birds at bay. And before you get your feathers ruffled, you should know that I love birds as much as the next person, just not inside my barn. They drop poop and feathers all over the tack and just generally wreak havoc.
Anyway, as to skills, last weekend my daughter was working with Abby and giving me a lesson in long lining, which she picked up during her summers at the ranch. Kitty watched for a bit, then decided she'd better help. Surprising, since she generally keeps a safe distance from the horses when they're turned out.
Watching and learning.
Kelly and Abby
Getting closer.
I got this!
Thumbs would be helpful. 
Making her move.
Outta there!
In the end, she decided this was an activity for humans after all, and took off, back to her grassy hiding place.
This morning, she played photographer's assistant, when I popped outside between rain clouds to look for new blooms. As I lay on the sidewalk, trying to get a ground level shot of the dianthus border, she helped by repeatedly banging her head against my lens. Skills!
I did spy the first rose of the season.
This is not the shot of the dianthus that I was going for...
But my helper persisted until Fitz, the cat we share with the barn down the road, came out to distract her.
She also gardens. 
Gotta run and finish the mowing before dinner, and wipe the nose prints off my lens. Mowing, that would be a really useful skill in a barn cat. I'm sure she's capable. If only her little feet could reach the pedals! XO. 

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