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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Lots more stitching going on here. This time, I sketched a figure over paint and layered paper, on canvas. I then scanned it, printed it on fabric, backed it with black linen and a layer of quilt batting and stitched. Also added scraps  (the seagull, the beach house, etc..) of previously printed fabrics, old beads, hand embroidery and machine-stitching. 
Here's the original canvas...
And the finished fabric piece...
She loved to breathe the sea air. It soothed her soul but troubled her hair.
In other news, I am still stopping frequently at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. So much squawking, flapping, and nesting going on there now. I wish you could see...
The osprey gets my vote for the best stinkeye. His nest was quite close to shore, and he looked as though he would happily use that beak to defend it.
Blue heron.
Lots of snowy egret around.
Good thing I had an outdoorsy weekend, because it's raining buckets now. Stay dry, my friends. XO.

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