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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Still working from my church and abandoned house photos taken in Dorchester county. Finished this today, and couldn't wait to show you because it has a surprise. And because I worked really hard on it.
First, the original photo...

Then my fabric version...

I'm not the kind of person who sees Jesus in her French toast, nor have I ever grown a vegetable that looked like a dead president, but check out the left hand window, top middle pane, on the lower sash. I'd just begun working on this when I realized there was a face in the window besides the one on the right, and I didn't put it there myself. I've cropped it so you can get a better look. It's hazy, but squint a little, or tip your laptop screen. I'll wait.
Can you see her? It was very clear when I printed the photo onto fabric. She appears to be sitting sideways with her head turned toward the window, if that helps. She's wearing a flowered dress. Mike thought it looked like a sheep. I think it looks like a lady, and I'm just dying to go back down there and take more pictures. Do I really think it's a ghost? Of course not! Am I going alone? No way.

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