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Monday, May 13, 2013


Wanted to show you the latest iris blooms today. I've been taking pics of each different color as it bloomed and posting them here and on Facebook. I waited until late this afternoon, so the sun would be just right, only to find someone had already picked them. Let me think....who could have done that?
Look at me when I'm talking to you, little lady!
Fortunately, there are plenty of buds left, so I'll have another chance. If you think picking flowers is Scout's only gardening skill, you're wrong. She likes to help with the potting, and she's a "self-starter." I don't even need to tell her what to do.
We think she might be gifted.
In art news, my sweetie gave me a light board and two Ott lights for Mother's Day. Now, I'll be able to sit downstairs and work on needlework in the evenings. Up until now, I needed to go up to my workroom to stitch at night. Today, I used my new light board to paint this seagull from one of my photos.
I've got lots of needlework projects buzzing around in my head, as well. I feel a creative surge coming on. I've been known to stitch until my fingers bleed when the motivation is right, so stay tuned blog friends. XO.

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