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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


After two days of blustery wind and unseasonably cool temps, it feels like spring again. The farrier was due here today, so I hurried through my barn chores, and spiffed Abby up a  bit...
Abby mostly loves a good grooming, and will frequently doze off during her favorite parts.
One "not so favorite" part is whisker trimming. She was starting to resemble a billy goat, so I persevered and got the job done.
Smooth as a baby's bottom. Really. You non-horse people may not know this, but a horse's muzzle is every bit as soft as a baby's butt. Maybe softer.
That done, I had a little mosey around the woods and pasture with my camera. Sadly, Monday's high winds toppled two nests. 
There did not appear to be any survivors.
This time of year, there is something to new to see everyday. I thought "we" had taken care of this....
And this, the biggest dandelion I have ever seen. I dropped my phone in front of it, so that you could get an idea of its size. That's what a steady diet of horse manure can do.
Of course, I wasn't alone. Fitz came along to make sure I was safe, and just as I was complimenting him on his tree climbing skills, he stepped on a rotten branch, which broke and dumped him on the ground. I always think cats look so embarrassed when they fall. He'd probably rather I hadn't told you.
Does anyone know what these little white flowers are? There are hundreds of them.
Back in the pasture, it is buttercup city. My farrier gave me some tips for getting rid of them. They like acidic soil apparently, so spreading lime is one thing we can do. Also, Tractor Supply has a spray that will kill them without harming the animals or the grass. I try to limit my use of weed killers, but I might have to try it. 
Of course, I have to leave you with at least one garden pic, so I'll show you my dianthus border.
Hope spring is giving you roses as well as buttercups. XO.

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