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Monday, June 24, 2013


Saturday was my birthday. How old am I? Starts with an "f" and rhymes with nifty heaven. That's all I'm saying about that. 
Packed a lot of fun into the day, starting with a birthday call from our boy, who was headed abroad for a well-deserved vacation, then it was off to the Cardboard Boat Races in Oxford. We vowed to build our own boat next year, because it just looks like such a good time...
Children's division.
Glad to see Easton Cigar Shop was back. This was one of favorites last year.
After the races, we drove to Easton for lunch. Grabbed a salad at Mason's, then moseyed down the street to the Academy Art Museum to see the James Turrell exhibition. Fascinating. Stopped in at the South Street Gallery and headed home to check on the fur family.
Still had time to  throw the bikes in the truck for a pedal around Blackwater...
What we didn't do was go out to dinner or have cake and ice cream. We have our annual physicals tomorrow. I'm saving myself and my calories for tomorrow evening. Didn't care to eat my birthday dinner with a side of guilt.
Yesterday was rainy and so, I tackled a monster pile of ironing.  I actually don't mind ironing table linens, which was a big part of the build-up. We don't use paper napkins, plus I buy a lot of vintage linens to use in needlework projects. Once they're laundered, I even iron the tattered ones that are destined for the scissors. Foolish? Maybe, but someone strained her eyes and risked carpal tunnel syndrome to stitch those lovely old things, so I like to give them a proper send-off.
Then I took a nap and ate a delicious, husband-cooked blackened salmon salad, before heading down to the bridge to take pictures of the "super moon," because it was so super.

Two of my favorite birthday gifts? A new hat, modeled here by Nigel...

And this sweet bicycle basket from our girl...

Can't help but think a basket like that needs a puppy in it. It's probably best you don't tell Mike  I said that. Kay? XO

P.S. A great big thank you for all the lovely FB messages on Saturday!

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