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Friday, June 28, 2013


Our butterfly bush bloomed this week and there is quite a bit of activity. I've been outside surveying our greenery a lot in the past few days, having read that beetles send scouts out in advance of the troops. These scouts determine who has the best "all you can eat" buffet and alert the masses. It is, apparently, vital to nip this in the bud by not allowing these leaf-munching spies an opportunity to return to home base. Last year, by the 4th of July, we could literally hear them chewing whenever we opened the door after dark. Anyway, all this beetle surveillance has given me plenty of opportunity to photograph butterflies, and dragonflies, and whatnot. I'm a little obsessed. Ask anyone on Facebook.
Let's take a peek...
Love the colors in this shot.
This greenie has been flitting around the side door all day.
Nice try, Mr. Green Jeans, but I can still see you.
Nice camo here, as well, but I vote for the "spotted wings in the mulch" guy.
Best camo.

I've noticed so many torn and tattered wings. Doesn't seem to affect their flight. Or their beauty.
I've also learned that butterflies will squabble over the best blossoms.
That was a random sampling of what's buzzing around our place, but I've saved the best for last. Could be he's my favorite because of the way his wings sparkle in the sunlight, might be his shiny turquoise head that looks like a little helmet, but mostly it's because he winked at me. I'm pretty sure.  
It's a wonderful world. XO

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