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Friday, July 12, 2013


It is relentless, this summer rain. So many days of flash flood warnings, when normally we are complaining about the merciless heat and humidity. The farmers are happy, and the lawn service guys, and the mosquitoes. Me? I'm trying not to mind too much, as I do actually prefer this to swelter. 
Today's rain and thunder forced me to stay inside and be domestic. I am helping my daughter with a's a peek, but you'll have to wait until it's finished, to learn what it is. It's big.
I also tackled a pile of alterations. Been working very hard on my diet these past few months and my favorite linen shirts were baggy, so I nipped and tucked and made them fit again...
And finally, when it became obvious that the gloom was not going to lift, I went in town and bought a bunch of sunflowers to cheer me today, and to take to a barbecue tomorrow. Couldn't find the ribbon I wanted to use in my stash, so I folded a strip of red gingham and added a decorative machine stitch along the edges. Voila! Instant sunshine!

Hope the weather is just right where you are today. Have a great weekend!! XO.

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