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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This past weekend was so fun and full of good things that it spilled over into Monday, and now I'm playing catch-up.
First though, a bit of tech biz. When I started this blog, nearly two years ago, it was suggested to me that using a third party comment system was a really brilliant idea, so I went with Disqus. Over time, however, I've heard complaints that it was difficult to use, too intrusive, etc... In the meantime Blogger has made some upgrades to their own comment system. So, good news, I have uninstalled Disqus and restored the Blogger comment box. I say that like it was a simple thing. It actually ate up about 8 hours of my weekend, but ding dong, the widget's dead, so comment away. If you like. 
Now, the fun stuff. Our dear friend, and almost daughter, Alison was home from Colorado. We spent Saturday and Monday evenings on her parents' boat, eating dinner and exploring the creeks around St. Michaels.
It happened to be the Battle of St. Michaels Bicentennial.
Where all summer days in St. Michael's end. Justine's Ice Cream Parlor
Had lunch in Cambridge on Sunday and found this new craft brew pub open. Had fun chatting with the enthusiastic owners and seeing what they've done with this cool old downtown space. RealeRevival (website coming soon)
There happened to be a classic car show while we were there. We're the same age as this beauty. Scary.
Wandered into a gallery or two, and met a photographer, who showed us one of his pics that made the cover of Tidewater Times. Well, what a coincidence, said I, "Our daughter's photograph is on the cover of the current issue." You can see more of her photo's at She's very good, and that's not just a mama talking.
Later gators. XO.

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