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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Made a last minute decision to go the the auction last night, having seen a pile of tattered vintage quilts there, earlier in the day. Arrived in the nick of time. Literally. They were holding my quilts in the air by the time I got my number. I bought the lot for 30 dollars.
One of the really fun things about auction lots is, you often don't know what all you've bought until you get home and go through it. This one contained some delightful surprises. Let's take a look...
I LOVE this. It is very tattered and worn, but whoever put it together, had a real eye for color. 
This one is in much better shape.
There were lots and lots of yo-yo's. 
The biggest surprise was these five flour sacks, the kind used to make clothing during the depression. They're in terrific condition.
Especially love the yellow.
And the blue.
There was a nice little stack of granny aprons.
Many more quilt blocks, aged to perfection.
The lot also included a number of embroidered household linens, some in near perfect condition, and others to cut up and re-purpose, a rag rug, and an enamel-ware pan.  And lastly, bringing up the rear, was this sweet little pair of lace-edged baby bloomers...

That's a lot of vintage fabric goodness for 30 dollars, but I didn't stop there. We've been on a binge of de-cluttering and furniture moving, lately, and I found two perfect pieces for our mud room. 
This storage bench, for boots, and muck shoes, and a mantel to hang over top. Just needs coat hooks, fresh paint, and a basket or three.

I'll show you when it's all finished.
I think I made a pretty good haul. Granted, I spent the whole evening instead of the hour I had planned, but I took my Kindle and there were lovely folks to chat with, and now my head is buzzing with ideas for all that delicious fabric. 

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