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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Stopped by Old Trinity Church on Tuesday. The grounds of this 17th century waterfront church are lovely. The last time I visited, it was damp and cold, with a swirling mist. This time, the sun shone, birds chirped, and the water lapped. Peaceful. 
I wandered among the gravestones and took a few pics.
Got inspired by windows again.

Turned that into this...
Then this...
Started working, but wasn't feeling the colors, so I switched back to the original version, and made this.
Mixed-media on linen, with paper, fabric, machine and hand stitching.
The first, color-enhanced version, the one I put aside, kept nagging at me as I worked, so I think I'll have another go at it. One window, two ways. Had a lot of fun adding images to the tiny window panes. There's a bit of text from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, as well. Fitting, don't you think?
Check out Old Trinity here.

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