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Saturday, August 31, 2013


A whole week without posting? I'm not really a slacker. This past week just got away from me. Had the horse dentist out, which requires sedation, which means I had to keep a close eye on "her highness" in the barn. The vet came for fall shots. There were computer glitches, which I was able to work out on my own, eventually. Go me! There was canning. My MIL and I put up 13 jars of pepper relish, something I've never done before. Is it unlucky to can 13 jars of something? Hope not. Prefer not to give food poisoning for Christmas. There was insomnia. If anyone has suggestions for getting a good night's sleep, I'm all ears. I've cut way back on caffeine, and we're getting a new mattress.
Em and M's Pepper Relish.
I did find time to snap a few pics of that giant garden spider through the week. She is creeping closer and closer, and is now on the fence right next to the barn door. A few nights ago, she climbed up to the eaves and left two egg sacs the size of golf balls. Each sac contains 300-1400 eggs. That's something to look forward to, come spring. I also learned that those little bits of zigzag stitching in the edges of the female's web are made by the male. It's spider language for "hey baby." Then he vibrates her web, and offers to buy her a drink. I may be wrong about that last bit. I need a good night's sleep.

Eating a moth for lunch.
Squeezed in a little painting, and then, as I often do, used it as a background and switched to fabric.
Acrylic and collaged papers on canvas.
"The Shape of Things" Mixed-media on linen.
Oh dear, now that I see it in pics, I begin to wonder if my lack of sleep has affected my work.
Sweet dreams, blog friends. Hope you have fun things planned for this Labor Day weekend. XO.

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