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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Yesterday was Talbot Humane's 4th annual Bark in the Park, their biggest fundraiser of the year. Scout and Nigel donned their Halloween scarves, and off we went.
This was our third year attending this fun event. Heaven for dog lovers. Take a look.
I love this old face!
Available for adoption from
Ollie, a corgi/sheltie mix.
Corgi and German Shorthair puppies in the same pic? I die.
I am adoptable from Talbot Humane. I am very friendly, and a good kisser.
Watching the Tricks class made Nigel so tired, he had to lay down.
Little Bo Peep
Her sheep, who it turns out, was something of a bad-ass, lunging at much larger dogs.
Bo Peep's sisters, the T Birds.
Oh lookee! It's that goose again. You may remember we first saw Amelia waddling through the Easton Farmer's Market.
Amelia, the goose, even entered the tricks class. Bark in the Park does not discriminate.

Scout, checking out an adoptee.
Our neighbor (and Nigel's girlfriend), Samantha, showing off her agility.
Had to show another pic of Tully, the German Shorthair. I think I love him!
If there's a better way to spend a fall Saturday, I'm not sure what it is. XO.

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