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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Spent some time with Abby today, trying to help her decide what to be for Halloween. The spooky knee socks I bought wouldn't fit over her big feet. I had hoped they might, the idea of a horse in knee socks tickles me. Guess we'll have to stick with stockings. She wore black fishnets the year she was a flapper, and they fit very nicely.

This so-called "glamour wig," looked more George Washington than Marilyn Monroe.
The wig didn't look as blonde bombshell-y as I'd hoped. It gave her more of a dead president vibe. I added lipstick. Like you do.
Left Nigel in the backyard to babysit the young dogs while I was in the barn.
Poor Nige! It hurts his feelings when I go to the barn without him. He spends a lot of time doing this...
So I'll know how disappointed he is.
What? Your mare doesn't wear lipstick?

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