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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


There's big news around here. Our girl has adopted a pup, and he is delightful. He's a smooth collie, from Queen Anne County Collie Rescue. We picked him up on Sunday, and we are all smitten. 
Just when I thought I was never going to be a grandma.
Little Man (no name yet, might be Gus), is sweet and funny, and very easy, as puppies go. At four and a half months, he is house-trained, and crate trained. His rescue mama has done a very good job with him. Take a look.
Scout and Nigel are very excited to have a nephew. There has been a lot of romping around the yard in this lovely weather. Scout is a little bossy with him, Nigel plays referee, and will park himself between them if he thinks the play is too rough.

Sniffing for rabbits under the hay shed is a favorite activity.
Also, chasing each other round and round the hay shed.

Scout keeps him in line with her stink-eye.
Don't you love those ears?
So far, the only one who doesn't approve is Kitty...
Watching this morning's shenanigans. She is not amused.
If you, or someone you know, is interested in adopting a collie, or you know of a collie that needs a good home, you may email me (Mary) at, and I'll put you in touch with the wonderful lady who runs the rescue.
This little man is not  the first smooth collie in the family. We adopted our Lucy from Talbot Humane.
Our sweet Lulu. 2001-2009
So many wonderful dogs are out there waiting for good homes. Hope you'll consider adopting one or two, if you're able. XO.

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