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Sunday, February 2, 2014


I am now completely obsessed with icy winter bridges, especially those I can walk beneath. I like to see the bones. Drove up to the bay last Sunday to take pictures of the ice, stopping for lunch at Kent Narrows, and fell in love with the bridge. It has a cathedral-like quality from down below.
I have been playing with these photos all week, and have printed some onto linen for stitching. Hoping to show you those in a day or two.
It was such a grey, frigid day, that I actually didn't expect to find anything too exciting, but these really captured my attention.
Made me wonder about the icy undersides of other bridges in our area, so first thing Monday morning, I was on my belly under the Choptank River (Malkus) Bridge with my camera.
Since Monday, both the Chesapeake and the Choptank have frozen completely over. Today, it was 60 degrees. A roller coaster, but I am trying to "make lemonade" of these record-breaking low temps when we have them.
Went bridge-spotting again today, and was very happy to find we could drive under the bridge in Sharptown.
I was charmed by this very old bridge in tiny Brookview, as well.
I suppose the stark winter landscape makes these old structures stand out. I'm noticing them more now that my eyes aren't dazzled by seasonal color.
Saw lots of snow geese today and there are rumors of more snow headed this way. We don't always have harsh winters but so far, this one has been a doozy!
If you're looking for something to do tonight while you're waiting for Downton Abbey to come on, and for that "sports thing" to be over, please do visit my lovely girl's photography blog. I am completely unbiased when I tell you that her photos are gorgeous! That's not just a mama talking. Here's the link XO.

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