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Monday, March 24, 2014


It was a great weekend, blog friends! Our daughter and a dear friend from Colorado were home, and they are as critter-crazed as I am, so it was the perfect time to visit Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm in Preston, MD. Owners, Phil and Vickie Liske gave us a tour and introduced us to their award winning alpacas.  We learned so much in the couple of hours we were there. Phil and Vickie clearly love what they do.                                                                         Fell in love with these gentle creatures, took tons of pics, asked a lot of questions, took up way too much of their time, and then shopped in their farm store. 
The Outstanding Dreams Farm Store is definitely worth the drive out to Preston. They sell alpaca yarns and roving, scarves, gloves, socks, gorgeous jackets and sweaters, and lots of other goodies, all made from alpaca fleece. 
While we learned that alpacas are generally not friendly in the way that dogs are, there were a couple of exceptions. Take a look.
Owner, Phil Liske.
Patriot (left) and Dudley Do-Right (right)

Alpaca stink-eye.

Now you're in love with them too, right?
To learn more about raising alpacas or arrange a tour, visit the Outstanding Dreams website here.  Find them on Facebook here.
We still had time for a sunset visit to my beloved Blackwater, where this guy sized me up as if I might be dinner.
Now I have to run. I can see Abby tearing around her pasture like the devil himself is after her. I should go and rescue her from whatever windblown leaf is terrorizing her. To be fair, she was spooked by a pair of does jumping into her pasture yesterday. She doesn't believe me when I tell her deer don't eat horses.
Have a great week, blog friends! XO

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