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Thursday, March 20, 2014


This week got off to a slow start. I have waffled between feeling I am definitely catching a cold, to wondering if it is just my allergies. Whatever it is, hasn't left me with a lot of energy. I was feeling winter weary and distinctly unmotivated, until today.
Good things are happening today. First, I received my postcard from the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap, all the way from Brussels...and it is adorable!!
How could I not be cheery looking at this? It even came in a handmade wax paper envelope, so the mail carrier could enjoy it too. Thank you, Aisling. It was awfully nice to meet you. Find out more about Aisling and her work, here!
Second, I found out this morning that one of my shots from Monday's snowstorm was chosen as Photo of the Day by Capture Maryland. You can see it here.
Third, it is the first day of spring. After a misty start, the sun is peeking through, so I am going to try to ignore the mud and slop from this week's snow and rain and focus my attention on these...
Poor little things, they have tried so hard to be perky, but they keep getting squashed. I am also going to try and ignore the rumblings about the cold and snow that might be coming our way next week. Bah!!
Hope your week is full of good and spring-like things. Now, I've just remembered another. Going to take pics at an alpaca farm on Saturday with my best girls. You know you're going to see and hear all about that.

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