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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


A long holiday weekend and good weather, at the same time. What a treat! We caught up on gardening/barn chores and squeezed some fun in too.
Spent a little time web-watching in our woods, a delicate operation which involves bobbing and weaving my way along the path, so as to catch the webs with my camera and not my face. There's a time of morning, before the dew dries, when the sun is just's magic.
I'm always amazed at the variety of toadstools I find. I credit Abby and the fine manure that we compost in our woods. 
If I were a woodland faerie, I'd want to live here.
Took our bikes up to Baltimore on Sunday to cruise around with our boy. Bike trails in the city. Who knew? Stopped at the Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens. Beautiful!
They have a stunning variety of orchids!
The thorns on this cactus looked metallic.
Love this idea! Now you know what to do with those shells you bring home from the beach...make a succulent mobile.
More fun on Monday. I visited Outstanding Dreams Farm to take pics of the newest arrival (cria). Bewitched, aka "Samantha" was born just last Wednesday, and oh my!! Take a look.

Thank you Phil and Vickie for the gorgeous piece of creamy wool felt and for sharing that new baby.
Happy Memorial Day. A special thank you to my Dad, for his service to our country. XO.

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