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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Been doing a bit of indoor gardening this week. So much kinder to the back than the outdoor kind.
I started by painting a square canvas. Added scraps of paper from an old ledger using gel medium, then used a brayer and a credit card to add more paint. 
While it dried, I studied it from every angle until the subject emerged. Tulips! So I made a rough sketch and copied the canvas onto fabric with my printer.
Backed this with linen and cotton batting, layered  fabric and added stitching (hand and machine). I love these scraps of fabric so much, particularly because they were a surprise, a very old quilt hidden within an old quilt that I have had for more than 30 years. I bought it at a yard sale in New Jersey, blue and white on top, with a yellow flowered backing, and cheap. My favorite price. Eventually the quilt wore out, and it was nothing really special, so I cut into it and found these wonderful old colors. Hexagons, in every shade of red and brown and cream. Buried treasure, and falling apart, so no guilt in using the salvageable pieces in new works.
Now I'm wondering if I should add text, so I thought I would ask you and my art Tribe. Those ladies usually have a useful opinion or two.
Leaving you with some wise words  from this morning's cuppa. What? Your teabags don't talk?

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