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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We haven't had a lot of pleasant weather on the weekends this spring, so when it does happen, we fill the days to overflowing with outdoor activity. Our girl was home, so we kayaked and roamed the wildlife refuge with our cameras, then came home to mowing, weeding, and barn chores.
Check out Kelly's gorgeous photos here.
Spotted heron, osprey, nutria, sika deer, muskrats, turtles, a snake, and too many eagles to count. I'm a little envious of those folks with the monster lenses when there is so much wildlife activity. Very often they don't even get out of their vehicles, just roll up, and point and shoot their bazooka-like cameras. I'm getting more exercise and fresh air, though. I tell myself.

We brake for tiny turtles and help them across the road.
Squeezed in a trip to Blackwater Trading Antiques and found a few treats...
The specs are for Nigel. Of course.
We're having a quiet day, today. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Nigel may have over celebrated.
I'll be studying for my photography class and trying to think of a good place to take the Moms for lunch next weekend. 

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