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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Had an opportunity to return to Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm last weekend to photograph their annual Shearing Day. We were very lucky to have beautiful weather, something we've not had a lot of, so far this spring. I love spending time with these gorgeous animals. Let's look at some faces...

The alpacas were herded together in a catch pen, and there was a lot of soft moaning as their anxiety level rose. They definitely knew something was up. 
When the shearing team arrived, things moved very quickly. Each animal was placed on a mat and restrained. Their nails were trimmed and teeth checked prior to shearing. Some of them struggled and others were stoic, as if to say, "Oh, this again." I was so impressed with the shearing team and the gentle way they handled the alpacas, using only as much force as necessary to restrain them, and treating them kindly throughout. The alpacas were not wrestled to the ground, but actually picked up and placed on the mats...hence, the muscles.
This won't hurt a bit. Promise.
 Lots of helpers are needed to wrap and tag the fleece.
The freshly sheared alpacas are given the once-over by their herd mates when they return to the pen.
Ordeal over, this cria sought solace in mother's milk...
Learn more about Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm here. Find more information about Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, LTD. here. If you have an opportunity to visit an alpaca farm, I highly recommend it. Take your camera.

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