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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Lots of good things happening around here these days. Someone had a birthday. Okay, it was me. I am fifty-eight. Yikes! We are looking forward to seeing old friends next weekend at our 40th high school reunion. The task of planning fell to Mike and our good friend Susan. If you have high-schoolers who are interested in the office of senior class president, you might just want to let them know it's a gift that keeps on giving. For the rest of your life!
We didn't budget for table centerpieces, as we were trying to keep the cost of the main event (dinner dance) affordable for everyone. I'd welcome any "cheap and cheerful" ideas. 
Let's take a little peek at some birthday gifts. From my son, this book that is showing me tons of great places to take my camera.
From my daughter, this buttery soft cotton scarf with text from Little Women. How cool is that? 
Check Storiarts out here. I promise your bibliophile heart will flutter!
Mike spoiled me with some adorable biking jewelry, a local folk-lore book and...
It's a kayak/canoe hybrid. We recently sold our old tandems, and although I was sad to see them go, lots of good memories there, they really were getting much too heavy for someone who is fifty-eight, to haul around.
I have more good things to share, but gotta run for now. The plumbers are coming and Nigel is going to help me pick out a couple of outfits for this weekend. I trust his sense of style. Here he is yesterday, sporting the JMB Clipper colors.
Go Clippers!
Also trying to finish this today.
Later gators!

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