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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Home at last. Had a great time on our trip to Washington. Visited my brother and family near Bellingham and stayed with Mike's cousins on Orcas Island. This is a such a beautiful part of the country and it was so much fun catching up with family. Took tons of photos. Naturally. Here are some things I learned on my vacation.
  1. Mountains are hard. I have the legs of a flatlander, apparently.
  2. Sorry blue crabs, but dungeness crabs are much easier to pick with a bigger payoff. One can fill you up.           
  3. You're never too old to throw a snowball at your brother.
  4. Boat shoes give you no grip on glaciers. At all.
  5. I am not too proud to creep along on my hands and knees if the alternative is tumbling down a mountain. See number 4.
  6. I can eat fresh salmon every day and never tire of it. Ditto the dungeness crabs.
  7. Jumping into the water in that part of the country will make you scream, right before it takes your breath away completely.
  8. I am hopeless at a card game called Pitch.
  9. Over packing can be hazardous to your health in the mountains. Uphill is hard. Downhill, you run the risk of being run over by your own luggage.
  10. I can survive without air conditioning. Over there. Don't ask me to try it here.  
The view from Mount Baker.
Picture Lake.
Mike on Mount Baker.
We could see seals from the house!
Dungeness crabs.
Sailing with my nephew, Barkley.

Barkley and I developed a serious crush. So much so, that when we left for the island, he moped and refused his dinner.
Random dog on Boundary Bay. I liked his attitude.
Mike paddling over to Skull Island.
Great climate for gardening. Beautiful flowers everywhere.
Painted on the side of a gift shop in Edison.
It was a wonderful trip but as always, I am happy to be home. There is nothing like the whistle of your own tea kettle. Bye for now, I have unpacking to finish and several days worth of dog/horse smooching to catch up on.
View from the ferry. Orcas Island to Friday Harbor.

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