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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Vacation was great, but it's good to be home and up to my elbows in paint and fabric again. Played around with this pic from a March trip to Blackwater.
Used editing software to get this. I loved the purples, so I printed it on fabric and used some snippets on the final project. Also, cut out the bird and used it as a template.
Started with a previously collaged and painted background. This one has nautical references. I was lucky enough to find notebooks that contained engine logs and ship's supply lists at a used bookstore. They are large and make a great background layer for all sorts of paper projects.
Printed this on fabric, backed it with linen and cotton batting and began to layer the fabric for my sandpiper, and finished with this.
Used bits of the gorgeous fabrics in my oldest scrappy quilt. I'm going to be very sad when I've used that up, so I should probably start looking for another. Tip: Using fusible webbing will stabilize fabric enough to enable you to use even very fragile bits.
Finished with a bit of hand stitching.
In barn news, Abby has the "clover slobbers." A 1200 pound teething baby and a Saint Bernard together could not generate the amount of drool that one horse produces at the peak of clover time. It's disgusting. Is that TMI? The good news is, it is August and we still have pasture. Usually the grass is brown by this time, but we are still mowing the lawn weekly, and I've even had to cut the pasture. Can't complain about that when parts of the country are dry as dust, so I am counting my blessings here.
Tootles, blog friends.

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