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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yesterday was so dark and drizzly...perfect for napping (the dogs) and sewing (me). I like these one-piece button pillow covers because they're quick to make and easy to pop off and launder. Important in a "dogs on the sofa" sort of house.
Sometimes I go crazy with buttonholes, but I decided less is more with this lovely toile, and rummaged through my vintage buttons for these big beauties.
Sifting through the buttons in Mike's grandma's old button tin, I came across a bullet. Hmmm...what's up with that, Della Rose?
I stitched French seams to make them more durable, as this Waverly fabric is not technically machine washable. I do it anyway and find it just gives them a soft, vintage feel.
Of course, all pillows must be tested by my quality control team...
Works for Nigel.
Works for Scout.
Scoutie's really thorough and even checks the inside.
Also finished Nigel's Halloween costume for Talbot Humane's Bark in the Park. Keeping it a secret until the parade on Saturday...
Now I'm off to shovel manure and mow while the sun is shining. I hear the rain is coming back. Later gators! XO


  1. I love the pillow covers. I see you have a leather sofa that the dogs are enjoying. I was thinking about getting leather furniture but I am wondering if the dogs toenails bother it? I have a yellow lab that owns our current fabric covered sofa.

  2. Thanks, Marsha. I much prefer leather over fabric for dogs. Good quality leather doesn't show toenail marks and of course, the hair brushes right off. We had "bonded" leather sofas in the family room before and they showed scratches over time. We've had this big sectional for over a year, and there isn't a mark on it, despite the fact that our grand-dog uses it as a racetrack when he is here. I sdore yellow labs. We've had two.

  3. Love the pillow and as always the furry "testers". Hope the sun is shinning on you.


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