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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Made an early start on Monday. I was going to sit with my MIL who is recuperating from surgery, but I only got to the end of the driveway before I was stopped by loud meowing. I was thinking I had shut Fitz in the truck while loading up, he's always getting into vehicles, but there was no cat in the back seat and I realized that the sound was coming from somewhere underneath the hood. Terrified of what I might find when I opened the hood, I was relieved to see an unharmed calico kitten tucked in beneath my engine. I had no idea how to get it out.
I ran back up to the house to grab a cat carrier, cat food, gloves, a towel, and in the meantime a neighbor stopped. We tried unsuccessfully to reach little kitty, so she went home to fetch her husband, hoping longer arms might do the trick. He succeeded in shooing it to the back of the truck where it perched over my spare tire, so of course, we had to take the spare tire down. We almost caught her then, but she leaped over to the gas tank where she was once again, just out of reach. Meanwhile, more neighbors stop, time is ticking, I have a casserole in the car, and I'm an hour late.
Finally, with three of us belly-up beneath my truck, we grabbed the kitten but couldn't hold her, so she bolted and unbelievably, sought shelter up under the engine of the neighbor's car. Same problem, different vehicle. I hated to leave, but couldn't run the risk that she would run back to my truck, so I left my neighbors to deal. Who knew that a little scrap of cat could cause so much trouble? The kitten eventually climbed down from the car, but now we can't find her. I am leaving food out and hoping I'll spot her again. Poor thing. I know we frightened her. 
I can't believe a week of October has flown by already. I am getting the dogs ready for Bark In The Park. This year, Talbot Humane is trying to set a record for the most dogs in a costume parade. Scout is all set.
I bought the fabric for Nigel's costume yesterday.
I can't tell you what he's going to be. He wants to keep it a secret.
Abby isn't going to the parade. So far, no one is sponsoring a "Neigh In The Park," but you know I had to decorate her anyway.
She was surprisingly cooperative, considering she's in season and it was a very blustery day. The first crisp fall days, with wind, are generally an invitation for shenanigans. 
Took a few shots of the full moon last night, but it was very cloudy.
The sky was clearing by morning, so I got up early to watch the eclipse. Not really happy with the pics, it was extremely windy, so even with my tripod they're a little shaky, but it was a beautiful thing to see.
Going to try again tonight to get some shots over the barn.
Check your vehicles for stowaway kitties, blog friends. XO.


  1. Glad you saved the kitty. Your dressed up furry children are so adorable. The barn photo is stunning!

  2. Thanks so much! I wish I could find that little kitty. I've been leaving food out, but haven't seen her. Think it was odd to find just one small kitten and no litter mates. Wondering if she was dropped off. I'm told that happens when you have a barn. Our Fitz was left behind by neighbors who moved. XO,


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