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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Goodness, the holidays are  approaching at warp speed and I haven't even wished you a Happy Thanksgiving. Our house and table were full, and I'm guessing our guests enjoyed themselves, as they ate twice, stayed late, and then opted not to take home leftovers but to come back the next day and do it all again. Good times.
Caught up with old friends, visited Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm to see the crias, shop the farm store and buy a load of hay, and walked off some of our pie at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.
Twister, the sweetest alpaca ever!
Going to make a scarf from this super-soft alpaca wool.
This week, I'm taking a bit of time to work on this, from my photo of Old White Marsh Church.
The sun, the moon, and the high stars, make all my mortal dreams come true. Mixed-media on linen.
That Christmas tree sneaked in there while I wasn't paying attention. It happens, when you're trying to work while a thousand holiday to-do's are banging around in your head.
Here's a helpful holiday hint for you...if you are sitting on the floor and your foot falls asleep, give it time to wake up before you make a dash for the phone. You could give yourself a nasty sprain, which won't make all that shopping and to-doing go away. You'll still have to do it. With a limp. You're welcome.
Now I'm getting ready for more guests to arrive next week. Can't wait, though it would be super helpful if the rain would stop and give me a break from muddy paws.
Talk soon. XO.


  1. oh my Mary that cute alpaca is, well too cute. As usual I just love your creative project. There are so many layers to look at and ponder over. Hope your foot feels fit soon. xo Kim

  2. Thanks, Kim! The doc says my injury is called "turf toe" common in professional athletes. Shoot, there go my dreams of playing for the NFL.
    Excited to see your big project getting under way. I'm watching with interest as we need to do some renovations here, as well.


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