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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Old Man Winter was rather late to the party this year, and now we can't get him to leave. I don't mind the snow so much, but my old eastern shore bones are not accustomed to this level of cold. I have had some fun with my camera though, and renewed last year's fascination with frozen bridges. 
Choptank River
Choptank River
Dorchester County. We actually kayaked here a few months ago.
Also managed a couple of quick trips to Blackwater where not a lot of creatures are stirring, besides eagles, who are not only stirring but nesting, a few heron, and this disgruntled penguin.
Exercise caution when landing in icy conditions.
We've had frozen pipes in the house and barn, but were able to get the water flowing with no ruptures. Lots of folks on the shore were not so lucky. I think by now even Scout and Nigel are tired of playing in the snow. 
Inspired by the frozen marshes in and around Blackwater, I am working on this...
Vintage fabrics and papers, hand and machine stitched on a cotton print of my hand-painted background. It's a process!
 One last thing. While we've been having all this wretched weather, we have had the most spectacular sunsets. This one in particular, had a peculiar beam of light shooting upward from the horizon. 
I think Mother Earth is dangling these little treats in front of us at the end of the day as compensation for what we've endured, such as the icicle bending wind that has accompanied the deep freeze.
Stay warm blog friends! XO

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  1. Mary you managed to capture this horrible deep freeze in magnificent beauty with the camera. Also, as always enjoy seeing your artwork. Hoping we all thaw out soon! xo kim


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