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Friday, March 6, 2015


We've had another week of frigid temps with alternating snow and ice storms, in this winter that will never end. Hopefully, having more daylight at the end of the day will make it seem more like spring. I hear we should reach the 50's every day next week. Hurray!
On the upside, rotten weather means more time indoors and a jump start for my creative mojo. Earlier in the week, I was seized by the urge to fling some paint around, followed quickly by a desire to play with fabric. Here's how that turned out.
Collaged paper and acrylic, with charcoal on canvas board.
Printed this on white cotton, and then gave it the fabric treatment. You might say, I was driven to "abstraction." 
Mostly fabric and a bit of paper on linen. Nearly all the fabric is from a very old quilt I bought at auction. I'll be really sad when this one is used up. It had the most interesting bits of fabric and almost no repeats. I don't mind that it's in really rough shape. I love every little faded, stained scrap of it.
Haven't decided whether to add text. I am open to suggestion.
Also made some time for dog pics. My little Scout is growing up and was very cooperative with the props. 
After last night's snowfall, Abby was convinced that horse-eating snow goblins were waiting for her outside the barn. 
She made very sure it was safe before going out and making snow angels.
Mother Nature apologized for yesterday's excess and offered this. The Full Worm or Sap Moon.
Have a wonderful weekend, blog friends. Don't forget to spring forward. XO.


  1. Your art is one-of-a-kind Mary, and I love it!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Your comment made my day!

  2. Mary, you are so talented...I enjoy seeing your creative talent, whether it be with paint, fabric, or your darling pets...BTW, I love your horses' blanket...very chic...


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