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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Last week, I took a little walk in our woods, looking for signs of spring. Of course there were cats and of course, there was disagreement over who got to walk between Mama's feet, hence the ears on Mathilda.

After last winter, I am hungry for every little bit of green.
As is Abby.
Over the weekend, we took a road trip to PA, to help our girl move into her first house. Wallpaper was scraped, a fence was built, and the world's ugliest paneling was pulled from the walls. Seriously, the 70's was not our finest decorating hour. 
On the way home we stopped to take photos of this beautiful old farm. Always makes me sad to see a wonderful barn in ruins. This one was obviously brought down by fire.
The house must have been lovely in its day, but vandals have done their dirty work. Still, it has "po" and it is for sale. I don't think it's beyond repair, but then I rarely do. I'm a rehab optimist.
A little paint, a few throw pillows?

Got my first tick of the season, tramping through the weeds to take these pics. You're welcome.
Arrived home to find that spring had exploded in our absence. I have the puffy eyes to prove it.
One more trip coming up this weekend. Heading to Charleston, which Mike thinks I will love, so I expect to have loads of pics for you. Then I am going to hunker down and do some long overdue blog refurbishment to celebrate my impending 500,000 views milestone.
Happy spring, blog friends. Hope you're not too sneezy. XO.

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