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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Dreaming of spring and  working on some things.Temps today were forecasted to be in the 70's and while that happened in some spots on the western shore, we had a stiff wind off the river which kept temps in the low sixties.

Reworked this background canvas to add some color and charcoal, then scrutinized it to see who was in there, printed it and gave it the fabric treatment.

Easter is early this year, and Scout and Nigel are anxious to show off their Easter bonnets. Nigel thinks I overdid it with the paper flowers, but I do love those dollar bins at Target. He's a tad grumpy. He has strained a neck muscle, romping with Scout, so I wasn't planning to shoot him today. He kept inserting himself in my photos anyway. He has a strong work ethic, our Nigel.
Scout was okay with the hat, but I think they both agreed the paper flowers were too much.
My laptop was down with a virus yesterday, so I dropped it off at the computer hospital and headed down to Blackwater. The turtles were out and sunning themselves on every available log, and I saw three groundhogs, who were not camera shy at all.
Still working with some pics from the Las Vegas trip...
Not sure where I'm going with this, but it will come to me. Eventually.
Hope you have lovely Spring/Easter plans with friends and family this weekend. I am going to the Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm to take some pictures of fleece before the shearers come. After that, I'll be enjoying the company of our boy, who is coming home and is a whisper away from finishing school and moving to the west coast. Time flies. 
Happy Spring, blog friends. XO.


  1. I like all your creative projects, including the silly flower hats. Enjoy your family time. Happy Spring! xo Kim

  2. So happy to see SOMEONE is creating, 'cuz it sure isn't me! Happy Spring!


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