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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I spent this morning gathering dried things from my gardens. I've been doing a lot of gathering in this month since my mother died. Gathering old photos and memories, gathering friends and family for the memorial service last week. 
I've always loved this gathering time of year, but it very nearly slipped away while I was busy with other things. Fortunately Mother Nature has been accommodating, and has given us some gorgeous warm weather to prolong the season. So while I am cutting dried stalks and flowers to bring inside for future decorating projects...
the bees are still buzzing around the last of the mums...
and the roses are enjoying a late bloom.
A soaking rain last week brought on the new grass Mike planted. That, combined with the relentless onion weed, makes the lawn sparkle in the mornings, in the heavy dew that is not quite frost.
All of my critters are fit and well. Abby is sporting quite a heavy winter coat already, Bates is parked with a western trainer for the moment. The cats are plumping up for winter.
Poor Nigel had to suffer some last minute Halloween costume changes. I had thought he might make a good Claude Rains from 1933's Invisible Man, but while the Nige happily indulges my costume whims most of the time, he draws the line at being wrapped in strips of fabric. I did just manage to get his head and neck messily wrapped...but we were both unhappy with the result.
We went with scarecrow instead, though he is way too handsome to look scary.
 I spent a little time playing with props for spooky Halloween shots.
I find old dolls almost as creepy as clowns.
I hope this finds you happy and well and I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who expressed condolences on the loss of my mother. It is so good to be back.

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  1. Mary - so sorry for the loss of your mother - the grieving process is most certainly a journey. Nigel is adorable as always and I love that the kitties help you with your garden chores. Yes, I find dolls and clowns to be extremely creepy and you captured that feeling in the above photos. Hugs, Kim


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