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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Treat Ride

Had some good Christmas-y (but very chilly) fun with the ladies today. We delivered homemade treats, on horseback, to all the neighbors who so kindly allow us to ride across their property. Mr. C. came along on foot to take pics and assist with the logistics (we hadn't really thought about how we were going to knock on doors without dismounting). Sandy, from down the road, loaned us her parade bells, so we jingled merrily as we went...
Made some tags for my bags of Date Balls...
Dressed Zoey up a bit.  Mr. C. thought she looked like a slightly demented superhero in her red Sleazy.
Waited for the ladies to arrive, added Christmas bows, posed for a photo and off we went...
My Barn

Hope you found time to have a little bit of Christmas-y fun today!

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