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Monday, June 25, 2012


Has it really only been 4 days since my last post? Summer days seem to fly by. Here's what I've been up to in pics...
"Glad" you stopped by.
Friday was my birthday, and no, you don't really want to know which one. Up at the crack of dawn to do barn chores then off to Annapolis with Mr. C. for our annual physicals. Fasting and a physical on my birthday? Poor planning you say? Yes, it was, and the person responsible now fully understands the error of his ways. Anyway, we were pronounced fit to tackle another year and headed home to let the festiviites begin. First up, a little river time with the pups...
Water makes Scout deliriously happy.

Still don't know what kind of pup Scout is, but we know she's a swimmer!
Then home to do a little on-line menu browsing for a birthday dinner spot. Decided on Martini's for Lobster Ravioli, and the best chocolate peanut butter pie ever!
Check out these birthday boots...
I was due for a wellie upgrade. Mr. C. spotted these on our London trip and thought they would  please. They did.

Saturday, we moseyed down to Oxford for the Cardboard Boat Races...
A perfect summer day for watery pursuits.
I like a nice smiley boat!
Foggy Bottom boys.
The Iceberg.
The Iceberg experienced a total collapse as it approached the finish-line. Fortunately, there was a willing shore crew waiting to assist.
The Easton Cigar Shop's Viking Ship. Cardboard boat awesome-ness!
Festive, but unfortunately, very tippable!
Just about the cutest thing ever spotted in a Speedo!

I'm sure this was a good idea on paper. 
Moseyed over to the Masthead for Bloody Mary Quesadilas at the water's edge.
I'm amazed at the seaworthiness of many of the entries in the boat race. Unbelievable what can be achieved with a prescribed amount of cardboard, duct tape, etc...
The previous weekend was also boat-y. Spent Father's Day at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St Michaels. The Antique and Vintage Boat Show is a favorite of ours. My favorite boat this year? This beauty...
Really, can't you just picture Minnie Mouse cruising around in this? A friend suggested Mickey must have drawn the polka dot curtains. 
Hope you found some good outdoor fun where you are this weekend!
I want a boat.

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