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Friday, July 27, 2012


On Tuesday morning, I wandered through our little woods with the camera, looking for inspiration...
Not a lot is blooming there now, but I love the color of leaves, back-lit by the morning light.
And there was trumpet vine...
And honeysuckle...
Which started me thinking, how sweet it would be to have a little vine covered cottage in our woods, so I came in and rummaged through my vintage fabric stash, and began to stitch the little cottage that was in my head.
I had a little help sorting my embroidery supplies...
Guess which skein Scout "helped" with?
While I stitched, I thought a lot about what I'd put in my hideaway....a squashy chair with big fat arms to hold my embroidery supplies and mug, tea things, watercolors and sketching supplies, books and magazines, dog beds, a flowery hooked rug, a cookie or two, a bottle of wine for emergencies. I would not take my cell phone or laptop. I wouldn't need music, because the birdsong is riotous in our little woods in the morning. I would take my camera and binoculars for watching the wildlife.
I stitched until my middle finger bled (really) and had to resort to using a thimble. I'm not good with thimbles. I finished it this morning and couldn't wait to show you. I was going to ask what you would put in your little cottage in the woods. I took it up to my workroom, placed it on the ironing board, grabbed what I thought was a sheet of parchment paper for pressing, and pressed a few seconds before realizing I had grabbed FUSIBLE WEBBING. Crappity crap! And so much worse!!
Frantically, I tried to remove the sticky layer. I washed it, picked at it, scraped it. I look up from my ironing board to see a truck in the driveway. A delivery scheduled for after lunch, was arriving at 10:30 and me still bed-headed and wearing dirty barn clothes!  More words said. 
In the interest of keeping it real, I'm going to show a portion of it anyway...
Here's a bit of it, still wet from washing with bits of goo clinging and covering up my handstitching.
Disaster! I'm pretty good at making lemonade from lemons, but really don't think I'll be able to salvage this. I'll just have to consider it a lesson learned. I need to work tidier, so that fusible webbing is not sitting where parchment paper should be. I need to pay attention to what I am doing. I need to never ever do this again. 
I'll be adding insect repellent to my list of cottage supplies, because I just found a deer tick on my hip. Could this day be more perfect?
Any one else have a crafty disaster? Anyone know how to remove fusible goo? 
I'd still like to know what you'd put in your little cottage.
Also, check for ticks!

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