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Sunday, July 29, 2012


As Friday was not exactly my best day, I had high hopes for Saturday. Intended to do the barn chores and mosey over to Harrington for the last day of the Delaware State Fair. We came in from our chores, sweaty and disgusting, to find the AC not working. ARGHHH! Our AC man said he could be here around 5. Thank heavens, but that meant waiting around, sweltering, instead of moseying. The good's fixed, it stormed (dumping buckets of much-needed rain), the storm started after our AC man was finished, and the repair didn't cost a fortune. Grateful!!! I will never take air conditioning for granted again. I NEED to be air-conditioned.
This morning, we did some quick chores, finding this spider in the Rose of Sharon. Beautifully creepy.

Not a big fan of the "spidey," but you have to admire the stitchery. My old sewing machine couldn't make a zigzag stitch that well.
Then moseyed off in the direction of Denton to check out  Denton Station Antique Co-op...
Yo-yo quilt.
Crazy quilt.
Detroit Jewel stove. Don't want to cook on it, just like to look at it.
Next stop...
Had a wonderful time at this livestock auction house, turned antique store, turned metal sculpture, lawn and garden, antique emporium?
Never been a lawn ornament sort of girl, but I might have to go back and get this guy. Mr. C. has his eye on a metal goat.
It's actually a grill!! Seriously! Guns don't burn hamburger, people do...
Lunched here in historic Chestertown. Highly recommend! Chicken salad on a homemade roll for me,  a Thanksgiving sandwich for Mr. C.
After which, we walked along the beautiful tree-lined streets...
To the river, where I pestered a flock of napping wildfowl into posing for pics...
 Love this guy!
The Sultana, replica of a 1768 schooner.
Walking back to the car, I spied this pretty gate, and not until I had taken the first picture did I realize a baby blue bird was perched in the center!
On the way home, we stopped in Church Hill for a wine tasting...
I seem to be spending a lot of time with donkeys lately...I love a winery with critters. Cattle and buffalo here, as well.
Bought wine and cookies. Berger's chocolate creme cookies. Never tried cookies from this Baltimore company before, but they are quite possibly the best store bought cookie we have ever tasted. I came home and stuck them immediately into the freezer. Out of harm's way. Hopefully.

Sorry for the super long post, but the photo gods were smiling (you should see how many I deleted), and I just wanted you to see. Hope you had a photo worthy weekend, with plenty of air-conditioning, if you needed it. XO

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