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Monday, July 23, 2012


She looks like an angel...
But she's a puppy. Sunday morning I stepped outside to call her in from the backyard, and no Scout. I called and called and eventually heard a muffled yelp. Oh please, tell me she's not stuck under the shed. Under the shed was a favorite hangout two months and 15lbs. ago. We blocked the foundation with firewood and she eventually lost interest. Until yesterday, when she pulled the firewood away, crawled under, and got stuck! 
Luckily, our son was visiting because it took a shovel, a trowel, a jack, and some turkey bacon, to dig and lure our baby girl out.
Whassup, guys? You looking for me?
We're not even going to talk about the patio plants... that's for another day.
Scout is a constant gardener.
Seriously, friends, puppies are trouble. We get that. We think they're worth it, but the good folks at our local shelters tell us that young dogs are routinely returned for jumping, nipping, chewing and so on. All normal puppy behaviors. It's what you sign up for when you adopt a young dog. Please have a good think about that before you let yourself be seduced by puppy breath and a sweet baby face. As puppy's go, Scout is one of the less troublesome. Lily had a taste for twenty dollar bills and windowsills, Lucy liked expensive sneakers, Tess chewed an ink pen on the carpet in our bedroom, Nigel ate the power cord to my husband's laptop, don't get me started on Bogie.... all turned out to be wonderful (with the possible exception of Bogie, bless his heart) adult dogs. Scout will be a good citizen eventually, too. She's already housebroken, and crate trained, we just need to work on a few dozen other behaviors...we'll get there.

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