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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Busy week here at BarnBug, what with hauling minis here and there, and more stinkin' hot weather, meaning more barn chores and hosing of horses, watering of plants, etc...Been helped a lot in the plant watering department by Scout (my constant gardener). She figures if she rips the plants out of their pots and shreds them around the yard, she's doing me a favor, right? 
I did manage to finish the tote bag that I showed you last week...
You can't have too many.

Pocket view.
Pupdate: Scout had her final puppy visit with the vet today. She has tripled her weight since we got her two months ago. Twenty-six pounds! She had her last puppy shot which earned her a trip to Petsmart, where she picked out a new collar, a ball, and some treats for Nigel...
An exhausted puppy is a good puppy.
OMG! That was the same rule we had with the children when they were growing up...if a trip to the doctor resulted in a puncture (bloodwork or a shot), they got a treat. When did I start treating my animals exactly like human children? I'd better have some grandchildren someday or I'm in danger of turning into a "crazy cat/dog/horse lady." No pressure.
Hope you're having a fantastic Saturday with someone two or four-legged to spoil. XO.
I love this shot! Two horses, one head.

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