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Friday, August 3, 2012


I keep my camera with me almost all the time. When I am doing barn chores, and pushing the wheel barrow out to the compost piles, I like to take a little stroll through the woods and see what's new. Mother Nature rarely disappoints...

Love spiders, or hate them, you have to admire their handiwork.

But sometimes, she bites...came inside to download the pics, took a minute to check for ticks while the pics were downloading and ...yikes! Chiggers! If you've never been the victim of chiggers, trust me, they are the devil. I'm talking an itch that lasts for weeks! Jumped out of my clothes, threw them in the wash, and headed for the shower, where I loofah-ed off the top 3 layers of my epidermis! Back downstairs, I still found 3 on my ankles. I usually don't start worrying about chiggers until late summer, early fall, but everything is off kilter this year...due to the extremely mild winter and early spring.
I tried to stay on the path, but wanted good shots of that LP spider web, and frankly you guys are worth it.
Hope you have an amazing weekend, but please, if you are communing with Mother Nature, check for chiggers, and ticks!!

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